Types of Cement and Concrete

Cement is a building material used to create concrete for foundations, renders, screed, and brick mortar. Cement comes in a number of forms and some blends are preferred to others in certain situations. Cement is often combined with aggregates, such as sand, stone, and gravel, to create strong concrete for house building, driveways, and floors.

These are the most common types of cement-based products used to produce concrete:
Bag of general purpose Portland cement

Cement (Portland)

Ordinary portland cement is the most popular cement product in the world and is often referred to simply as cement. It is a grey, general-purpose cement that is made from limestone and used in most building and landscaping projects.

20kg bag of Postcrete cement


Postcrete is a type of cement used specifically for securing fence, gate, and decking posts to the ground. It hardens within 10 minutes, which allows landscapers to quickly construct a frame for their fencing.

White Cement

As the name suggests, white portland cement is lighter in colour than regular cement, which tends to be grey. It is used when a bright finish is preferred and is an aesthetic choice, rather than one relating to constructional integrity.

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