Types of Bricks

Bricks come in many different shapes and sizes, each of which has a specific application. These are the most common types of bricks used in UK building projects and the purpose they serve:

The outside wall of a house built using red facing bricks

Facing Bricks

These are the type of bricks you see when looking at the external face of a building. They are not particularly strong, as their purpose is mainly decorative. That said, they must still be weather-resistant so that they age well and maintain an attractive face.

Clay air brick, which is part of a house wall

Air Bricks

Air bricks contain holes that allow air to ventilate a building, preventing high levels of moisture and humidity, which can lead to damp. These bricks are common in older buildings with suspended timber floors, susceptible to rot.

Close up of a wall made from engineering bricks

Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are one of the strongest types of bricks. They are used in situations where strength and durability are important. For this reason, they are specified when building foundations, tunnels, and sewers. They come in two grades, Class A and Class B.

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