How Many Bricks in a Pallet and Pack? (UK)

Bricks are not sold by the pallet in the UK. Instead, they come in packs, which can contain between 370 and 680 bricks. The exact amount will vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of brick, and the size of the brick. The most common pack size is around 400 bricks.

It is easy to see why people believe bricks are measured in pallets though. The packs are often loaded onto pallets so that they can be loaded onto delivery wagons by forklift trucks.

Although it is more cost-effective to order bricks by the pack, some builders’ merchants will split packs into smaller quantities, so you do not buy too many. However, buying loose bricks will usually incur an extra charge due to increased handling time.

A pack containing 400 standard 215 x 65mm house bricks will weigh approximately 860kg and cover just less than 7m2.

Contact the builders’ merchant that you plan to use to discuss pack sizes before buying. They will be able to tell you how many bricks are in the pack you would like to order and if they can split them so that there is less wastage. Merchants will also be able to tell how many packs/bricks are required if you can provide measurements for the wall being built.

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