Postcrete vs Concrete: Which is Best?

20kg bag of Postcrete and a 25kg bag of cement, which is used to create concrete

Postcrete and concrete are both cement-based products and on the surface appear to be very similar. However, they vary greatly when it comes to setting time, strength, versatility, and price. Postcrete is specifically designed for securing fence posts and is much more convenient to use compared to general-purpose concrete. It saves users a great deal … Read more

Types of Cement and Concrete

Cement is a building material used to create concrete for foundations, renders, screed, and brick mortar. Cement comes in a number of forms and some blends are preferred to others in certain situations. Cement is often combined with aggregates, such as sand, stone, and gravel, to create strong concrete for house building, driveways, and floors. These are the … Read more