Building Materials

Four 25kg bags of building aggregates against a brick wall


Building aggregates are stone, gravel, and sand used for construction purposes. Many are used to create concrete, mortars, and as foundations for landscaping projects. Aggregates are the most used minerals in the world and are essential to building work.

Two bags of cement

Cement and Concrete

Cement is a fine powder used to create concrete for building and landscaping projects. They are often mixed with aggregates and water to create a strong grade of concrete. There are many different types of cement products, each with a specific purpose.

Close up of a brick wall

Bricks and Blocks

Bricks come in many shapes and sizes, each of which has its own purpose. They can be used for structural buildings, decorative purposes, ventilation, and much more. We cover facing bricks, engineering bricks, air bricks, and answer common FAQs.